What to Check When Buying Yoga Clothes

Activewear has become trendy over the past few years. Evolving from being used purely to sweat into something to look fashionable in once you step out of the yoga studio or gym. Tons of brands have popped up either as purely a yoga clothing brand or classic brands like Nike or Adidas have come up with their own line of yoga clothes.

There are designers now who have created activewear that is both functional and streetwear ready. But, aside from the usual ways of picking out clothes like style and color, what are the other things that you need to check to make sure that each piece is worth the investment. Because let’s face it, good quality workout wear isn’t always light on your pocket.

Read the label and check what material they used. Pure and natural materials are always a good option for your body and your skin to prevent any bad skin conditions. Although 100% natural materials are good there are a couple of blends that aren’t bad options too. Some of the materials that are good to watch out for are cotton, cotton blends, bamboo, Tencel, linen, nylon, spandex, and X-Static. Go for the ones that help draw moisture away from the body like bamboo, Tencel, spandex, and nylon. And be on the lookout for this new material called X-Static which has sewn in silver that reduces bacteria formation.

Check on the opacity of the cloth of yoga bottoms. When you put on yoga pants or shorts or whatever bottom it is in the dressing room, turn around and stick your butt out as much as you can toward the mirror. Check if the material gets see-through the moment that it stretches. Not all yoga bottoms are as reliable as you think. Even if it costs you an arm and a leg it doesn’t automatically mean that the material is good enough. This is one of the most important things to check because we’re pretty sure that you wouldn’t want to flash the teacher or the people behind you.

Your top’s neckline and hem shouldn’t be too loose. This is definitely something to take note of, especially for women. And this is important for two reasons. One, if you’re on all fours, in tabletop, and the top you are wearing is loose at the neckline you could just as easily flash the teacher. Two, when you go into an inversion whether from something as simple as down dog to those more complicated ones like a handstand or headstand, your top will automatically cover half or your entire face. Something that can be bothersome during a pose that should either be relaxing or making you work. We don’t need a reason to be distracted from what we’re doing.

So, when you’re out shopping whether for the first or nth time for workout wear, the three things to check are material, thickness, and elasticity and you’re good to go.

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