Four Ways to Wear a Scarf to Yoga

In the wintertime, a scarf can be the perfect addition to an outfit that needs just a touch of extra warmth. Yoga teachers often advise students to leave their jewelry and accessories in their yoga bags during classes, but a scarf could be the exception to that rule. 

Learn the intricate ways that you can work a scarf into your outfit for a slightly warmer feeling this fall. 

  • Tie A Shorter Scarf Around The Neck

Think back to the classic and timeless style of Audrey Hepburn. Tying a short scarf loosely around the neck is an easy way to incorporate a splash of bold fall color into your yoga wardrobe. It looks classy with a simple pair of yoga leggings and a light sweater, as well as a dressier ensemble. 

Be sure that you don’t tie the scarf so tightly that it impedes your ability to breathe or swallow. It is not only dangerous, but it can severely limit your ability to practice yoga the way it is intended. 

  • Tie A Longer Scarf In A Knot 

Draping a scarf around the neck and shoulders can lead to tangling and unnecessary fussing as you move through poses. Instead, you should consider wrapping the scarf around your neck until the halves are even with the head in the center. From there, hold both halves together and tie them into a single knot. 

The knot should fall close the center of your chest and will be almost impossible to untie throughout the course of your practice. Keep the knot relatively loose to allow you to undo the scarf later. 

  • Keep A Longer Scarf Wrapped Around Your Neck 

Do you love the look of your longer scarf but want the benefits of the shorter scarf that can tie around the neck? Begin by wrapping your long scarf around your neck several times. Each layer should be relatively loose. When the end pieces become too short for another wrap, just tie them in a knot and tuck it under the other folds of fabric. 

It is a great way to make a long scarf appear more like a cowl neckline, a cute option to balance out a pair of sturdy and solid yoga leggings. 

  • Fold It In Half And Pull It Through 

It is another option that lets you emphasize the pattern of a long and beautiful scarf in your yoga outfit with grace. Fold your long scarf in half and loop it around your neck. Both the folded ends and the loose ends should hang over your shoulders. Pull the loose ends through the fold and adjust until the “knot” hits around the center of your chest or higher. 

Much like a traditional knot, this isn’t likely to come undone during even a rigorous yoga practice. However, it does keep the scarf out of the way and prevents it from being a distraction.

All of these unique ways to wear a scarf to your yoga practice can be easily incorporated into a safe yoga sequence. However, you should still follow your teacher’s instructions and abandon the accessories if asked to do so. Your instructor certainly has a safety concern that is ultimately for your best interest.

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