4 Yogic Tips for Breaking the Chain of Negative Mind and Start Developing Positive Outlook

All thoughts are not made the same—negative and positive thoughts differ in number and psychological effect. In fact, about 80 percent of our thoughts are negative, equivalent to approximately 40,000 negative thoughts per day. The fact that negative thinking will drain the energy out of you is one of its significant consequences. 

Negativity and negative thinking will make you stay lost in your own imagined world of pains, worries, and separated from the present situation or moment because it is something that really feeds on itself. The more you become gripped in your negative thoughts, these feelings become even stronger. Developing the aptitude to think positively is the best way to 

destroy negative thinking in your life.

Here are 4 significant tips to help you get rid of negative thinking permanently and begin to develop a more positive mind.

1. Be Optimistic

Be optimistic by transforming all “can’t” into “can.” Don’t ever conclude in your mind that something is impossible, particularly when you have not even given it a try. Don’t think that you can’t make money, secure a job, find a boyfriend or a girlfriend and that you can’t find a good home. There are quite a lot of “can’t” in life that turns out our lives to be actually despondent if we keep focusing on them. 

However, to lead a more fulfilling life, we can start practice changing these “can’t” to “can.” Take your time to look at what you can accomplish and what you have accomplished in the past. Realizing that you can do something is the initial step towards achieving such a thing. 

2. Yoga Or Meditation 

Your devastating negative thoughts can best be eliminated effectively with Yoga. This practice will remove your mind and attention from your thoughts and center them on your breathing. In addition, Yoga is a very calming exercise that will help relieve your mind. While meditation will take you back to the present and away from the uncultivated odds anticipated by your mind, negative thinking—on the other hand—will make you jump the gun and go onboard a negative train.

3. Start Assuming Responsibility

When you start making yourself a victim, negativity will result. In addition, begin to be the master of your own happiness by assuming responsibility for your actions. The fact that we are given the autonomy to choose where we want to take our lives is one of the most beautiful things about life. 

4. Change Your Lifestyle

You need to change your lifestyle in order to change your mind. You can examine the larger patterns of your thoughts as your awareness of the quality, type, and a number of your thoughts increases. The most common negative thought patterns are regret, rumination, judgment, pessimism, hostility, guilt, criticism, and worry. Reflect on the general patterns of your current thoughts for a moment or two each day. 

Take note of the thought patterns that are the most common and which pattern makes the stickiest thoughts to get rid of. Make inquiries and mull over the solutions that would be most effective for your most imperative thought patterns. On the other hand, look into the relationship of negative thought with lifestyle preferences (friends, work, entertainment, diet, etc.), daily tasks, or personal habits. Test with implementing more of a yogic lifestyle to perceive how your daily habits will influence your thought patterns.


It is not easy to minimize and remove negative thoughts, particularly as we have been programmed by our development to have a negative predisposition towards our environment. Luckily, the amazing tips above will fight negative thinking and promote joy, peace, and calm.

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