Reclining Hero Pose


The reclining hero pose is also known as SuptaVirasana. Although this yoga asana is extremely beneficial, it is one of the avoided ones. The reason behind it is that it can be painful and must be performed only when one mastered the asana named Virasana. SuptaVirasana is a high-level variation of Virasana. It is an intermediate-level yogic asana that makes your body come into a complete reclination imparting numerous benefits.


How To Perform The Pose

The following step-by-step guide will help you perform the pose to perfection:


  • Start with the Virasana pose. Exhale along with lowering the back of your torso towards the ground. Now, lean on your hands, followed by the forearms as well as the elbows. Once you are on the support of your elbows, rest your hands on your pelvis back. Now, release your upper buttocks as well as lower back by spreading the flesh towards your tailbone. Finally, complete the reclining process either flat onto the ground or on a supported blanket.
  • Utilize your hands to compress your front ribs and gradually raise your pubis. It will stretch the lower back and bend it towards the ground. If such doesn’t happen, then raise onto another elevated support. Now, lay your arms as well as hands-on the ground at around 45° from your torso sides.
  • Sink the thighbone heads into the back of the sockets of your hip. It is okay to lift the knee slightly off the ground. This will help your groins to soften. You can elevate your knees on a folded blanket if desired. There can be a slight space maintained between your knees as long as the thighs stay parallel to one another. However, you must not allow your knees to spread wider than the hips.
  • Remain in the pose for around 30 seconds or around a minute. You can gradually increase the time. To release the pose, press the forearms against the ground and come on your hands. Then, lift your torso using your hands. Now, come back up leading with the sternum.




  • It relieves pained legs.
  • It helps improve digestion.
  • It helps relieve menstrual pain symptoms.
  • It strengthens your arches.
  • It stretches your abdomen, knees, ankles as well as thighs.


Mistakes And Contradictions

It is highly restricted to patients suffering from severe knee, back, and ankle problems. Having an experienced guide around can always be of great help.


How To Perform It Perfectly

A yoga pant must be preferred while performing yogic postures like SuptaVirasana such that no clothing becomes an obstacle. Since it is a posture involving almost your entire back and body, you must be slow and steady with the entire process. It is recommended to keep your bowels and belly empty before practicing such that the result is convincing. Since this asana is a difficult one, it might take a little time to master it. But with regular practice, it can be easily mastered to the core.

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